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John Mellencamp reissues catalogue in 19-disc box set


Released this week is the new career spanning box set, John Mellencamp 1978 - 2012. The box features John Mellencamp's 19 albums originally released over the past 35 years. 1978 - 2012 collects -- for the first time -- all the albums Mellencamp recorded as John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp and John Mellencamp for Polygram, Universal, Sony, and most recently, Concord-affiliated labels.

The package totals a whopping of 223 tracks and includes every one of Mellencamp's 30 Billboard Hot 100 singles, as well as bonus tracks concluding 12 of the albums, sourced from the 2005 re-mastered releases.

John Mellencamp told us that he initially passed on including some of his biggest hits on his albums -- until he was finally convinced of their worth: "I've had a lot of hit records that I just didn't want to put on the record. But as we started doin' them in the studio, I started likin' 'em better. 'Jack & Diane' was not gonna be on a record, 'Ain't Even Done With The Night,' I didn't wanna put it on the record."

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