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Graham Nash tells all in new autobiography


Graham Nash of Crosby, Still & Nash has bared all in his new autobiography, Wild Tales. Nash revealed why he wrote the book and told Scotsman, "Well, I'm fortunate to have survived all the drugs and the craziness when friends didn't. So many of them lost their lives to stupidity and accidents and, you know, I could die on the freeway after this conversation and my beautiful, beautiful grand-daughter, who'll be one in a week, will never know her grandfather."

He continued, "I had to write this book for her, and my three children, but I've given myself an 'out' with it, saying this is everything as I remember. People remember different truths. For instance, Stephen still thinks we first sang together in Cass's kitchen. We didn't!"

Nash added, "I wanted the book to be as honest as I could make it. Otherwise, what would have been the point? Time is precious and I don't want to waste yours."

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