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Lindsey Buckingham confident more Fleetwood Mac music to come


With less than two-dozen shows left on Fleetwood Mac's world tour, the future of the band -- both on the road and in the studio -- remains up in the air. Earlier this year, the band released a four-song EP, and Lindsey Buckingham understands if next time around, Stevie Nicks wants to save her material for her own solo project. Buckingham told M Music And Musicians, "She hasn't said this -- this is just me -- but, knowing Stevie, she's probably thinking, 'If I have to write five new songs, do I want to give them to Fleetwood Mac?' I think she's feeling a bit protective and territorial about the experience she had doing her solo project. And I can totally relate to that."

Buckingham went on to say: "If it's not Stevie, it's me; someone is always causing trouble. I know Warner Brothers is dying to get an album from us, even though we're not signed to them anymore. Stevie needs to come to the table with some material. In order to contemplate a new album, she has to want to do it."

Lindsey Buckingham explained to us that he's totally open to shaking up the way Fleetwood Mac has operated in the studio in order to realize another studio album: "If Stevie would like to do some co-writing with me, or if she has some other things that she hasn't shared with us yet and she can bring those to the table -- absolutely. But, y'know, you do what you can do and what makes sense logistically and politically. And I have no preconceptions, one way or the other, in terms of what Fleetwood Mac will do -- or even what Fleetwood Mac should do."

Buckingham told us that he's pretty sure the band's 2013 EP is not the last new material we've heard from Fleetwood Mac: "I think it's a little too early to tell where this is going to go. I think it's safe to say that there is more than these four songs that you're gonna hear from Fleetwood Mac. It's juts a question of how and when."

Fleetwood Mac next performs on Sunday (October 6th) in Cologne, Germany.

The band will wrap up their world tour on December 30th at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

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