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Paul McCartney chats to fans on Twitter


As expected Paul McCartney's chat with fans on Twitter yesterday (October 3rd) won't be remembered for being the most revealing the former Beatle ever got with his audience. The questions, for the most part, were soft pitches picked by his team to help promote New -- McCartney's 24th mainstream solo studio set coming on October 15th.

Paul McCartney admits that after spending an astounding nearly 55 years in the business, he'd be insane to think that he could top all the highlights of his past Beatles and solo career. He told us that at this stage of the game he's too busy to be intimidated by his historic past: "You've got this body of work, and you could get a bit intimidated by it and go 'Oh my God, I've done this -- I can never write again!' But I kind of like it so much, I like the process so much that, perhaps foolishly, that doesn't really occur to me. I just go 'Yeah, I'm gonna have a go,' like I always did. I sort of start with nothing and end up with something."

Among the highlights of Paul McCartney's October 3rd Twitter chat were:

Why he named the new album New?: ". . . I was playing around with more poetic titles but 'New' was a simple word and the name of a song on the album."

What song he's most proud of on the new album?: ". . . I like 'Early Days' and the hidden track which is called 'Scared'. But I like them all."

What was the inspiration behind the album's neon artwork?: ". . . At (a) meeting about the album cover someone came up with the logo, another said you could treat it in style of (artist) Dan Flavin."

What was it like recording with Giles Martin? Any difference from recording with (his father) George Martin for so many years?: "Similar. Both very musical and smart. Different: Giles comes from a younger generation and has a more contemporary approach."

What was the most memorable moment during the recording of the new album?: "Many memorable moments but especially recording the slide solo at the end of 'Appreciate' in L.A."

What was the inspiration behind the new song "Everybody Out There"?: "I wanted to write a song that would get the audience singing along."

What inspired the song, "New"?: "Nancy!"

What is the last album you bought?: "The last albums I bought were by Kanye West, The National, The Civil Wars and SC (Jay Z)."

What strings do you use on your Hofner 500/1?: "I use flat wound .95 gauge."

Are there any current artists you'd like to do a duet with?: "There was a rumour about a year ago that Bob Dylan & I might work together but we haven't picked up on it."

When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?: "The last time I laughed uncontrollably was yesterday at the video shoot for 'Queenie Eye'!"

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