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Paul McCartney doesn't have time to write memoirs


Paul McCartney has reportedly turned down a $7.7 million offer to write his autobiography. McCartney, who in 1997 contributed to the "creative memoir" Many Years From Now by old friend Barry Miles, which discussed his 1960's songwriting and artistic work, told The Daily Express that he's too busy with his life now to stop and jot down what went down in the past. He explained, "I figured so many people have told it so many times, that maybe I don't need to do it. It is work. That is not something you toss up overnight. I am touring, I am about to release a record, got kids, grandkids and I have got a lot on. I don't have time to write that, even if I was very driven to do it. It would take more time than I currently have."

Paul McCartney explained that raising his children to be as happy and normal as possible was the main priority of his life: "Linda and I, having money, I always thought it'd be difficult for them, because they could very easily get spoiled, and also it might be very difficult to deal with if they've only ever known 'special people' -- and then suddenly, you've got to talk to the milkman, and you don't know how to do it. I think a lot of people do have that problem. Who are . . . they can't relate to ordinary people. So, we tried to be very careful to make them that first."

Paul McCartney will next perform on September 21st at the iHeartRadio Music Festival at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena.

His upcoming album is expected out before Christmas.

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