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Mick Jagger says the Rolling Stones is nothing like being married


Mick Jagger has long stated that being in the Rolling Stones is more like being in a gang than a family. Now, he laughs off the notion that his relationship with Keith Richards is akin to a 50-year marriage. Jagger explained to Classic Rock magazine, "People say the stupidest things, and that's one of the dumbest. I can assure you it's not anything like being in a marriage. It's a working relationship. You have difficult times with people that you work with, and sometimes they can be irascible and mindbogglingly difficult, but you have to try and get on. And that's what you try to do."

Mick Jagger credits a united professional front for the Stones' longevity over any fan's notion of a "brotherhood" with the rest of the band: "Relationships, for a long period, they go up and down, and sometimes they're good and sometimes they're not very good. Any internal, kind of, group of people always have varying groups of relationships with each other, so the dynamic changes. But, y'know, we sort of have common goals and so we try to get over the ups and downs and try and keep on the common goal."

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