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Richie Sambora resurfaces with new solo single


Richie Sambora hasn't just been on vacation while playing hooky from the globe-trotting Bon Jovi, he's just released a new solo single. Ultimate Classic Rock reported that the new track, "Come Back As Me," which has been initially posted as a YouTube upload, might be addressing his current issues with Jon Bon Jovi and his place in the band's pecking order, with such lines as: "What do you want me to say/I gave you everything I could give/But everything just wasn't enough, so I just let live and live" There's been no word as to when the song will be available for digital download, or whether it's a teaser for a larger project.

Sambora and fashion designer Nikki Lund have recently inked a new deal for their fashion line Nikki Rich with HSN, telling, "We just closed a deal with HSN and we're doing Shop Japan. . . We're going to be distributing music on the clothes." Lund added that "each piece of clothing will have an authorization code for music that you can download from your computer."

When we last caught up with Richie Sambora, we asked him why he thinks Bon Jovi has managed to beat the late-'80s competition and stay relevant all of these years: "Good songs, y'know. Just songs that connect with people from a lyrical standpoint. I think that Jon and I as writers, we're lucky enough to somehow hit a nerve where you write a song that is something about what we're feeling that translate to audiences across the globe. Songs like 'Livin' On A Prayer,' a song like 'We Weren't Born To Follow' was another one that became a big hit."

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