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Queen's Brian May says more performances with American Idol star possible


Queen's Brian May says that fans might see the band team up for more performances with American Idol star, Adam Lambert. Lambert, who received generally good notices for his handful of performances with the band last year, is still in the running to step into the late-Freddie Mercury's shoes, with guitarist Brian May revealing, "We are talking about doing something with Adam, probably for TV. He's an amazing artist and a very nice guy. We keep in touch and have a good friendship. . . We're not talking about touring yet, but we are talking about doing an event." (BBC)

Brian May told us that he struggled with revamping Queen as a live act following Freddie Mercury's death in 1991: "I started to see it from the outside, in a sense, y'know? It was a long grieving process, in a sense, losing Freddie, y'know, and I was resistant to doing anything -- I didn't even want to talk about Queen for such a long time. And then finally, you, you realize the love that is out there, and I thought, 'Well, yeah, if I was out there, I would like to see us go out and do the songs.'"

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