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A swarm of leaping grasshoppers joined Paul McCartney on stage on Monday night (May 6th) in Goiania, Brazil during the second stop on his Out There world tour. Vintage Vinyl News reported that the insects -- which nearly covered the stage at some points -- took a shine to the former Beatle, who introduced the bug who was perched happily on his shoulder as "Harold." McCartney even turned to the grasshopper during "Hey Jude" and sang Harold the line: "'the movement you need is on your shoulder" -- adding "it certainly is now."

Although once on the road his set lists don't vary much from night to night, McCartney says that at the start of each tour he likes to throw a few unproven rarities in to shake up the mix: "I just like doing it, and whenever I go out on tour it's exciting to stick a few things in that I haven't done before, just 'cause then it's sort of like there's a bit of a nervous edge to it, which is quite cool -- except on the first night, when you think 'Why did I do this?' Why didn't I stay safe?'"

Among the Beatles classics receiving their live debut on McCartney's new tour are: "Eight Days A Week," "All Together Now," "Your Mother Should Know," "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!," and "Lovely Rita." Among the solo and Wings rarities returning after several decades are "Another Day," "Listen To What The Man Said," and "Hi, Hi, Hi."

Paul McCartney plays tonight (May 9th) in Fortaleza, Brazil at Castelao Stadium.

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