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Richie Sambora will sit out of Bon Jovi's upcoming European and South African legs of the band's Because We Can world tour. The band kicks off their next set of dates on May 5th in Cape Town, South Africa. A message was posted on saying: "Due to a personal matter, Richie Sambora will not be performing on the European and South African leg of the tour. All shows will go on as scheduled." Sambora has been M.I.A. from nearly all of Bon Jovi's recent North American dates due to personal issues.

Bon Jovi was on hand yesterday (May 2nd) in Patterson, New Jersey as the Garden State's Governor Chris Christie signed a law encouraging the reporting of an overdose to save someone's life without fear of being arrested for drug possession. Bon Jovi, who went on to tour a drug rehab facility with the Governor, told The Associated Press: "I hope that Governor Christie's actions here will cause other states to stand up and to pay attention and also to follow in his footsteps." No mention was made of Bon Jovi's daughter Stephanie Bonjiovi's heroin overdose last November while away at college.

Keyboardist David Bryan credits all of the individual band members side projects and various diversions with keeping Bon Jovi rocking all of these years: "The thing about our band, which is very unique. . . I mean, most bands, when they have a break, it usually means break up. For our band, when we have a break it means that we can go and explore solo endeavors to enrich ourselves individually, and then keep coming back to the band. And I think, when you come back to the band and you've enriched yourself better as an artist, that you're gong to be better within the band, and the band as a whole is going to be better."

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