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According to credible sources, the Rolling Stones are ramping up to play a series of international summer shows this year. The usually reliable, reported that the band will play 18 North American dates, in addition to England's Glastonbury Festival -- which runs from June 26th to June 30th -- and two nights at London's Hyde Park on July 6th and 13th. No specific night was given for the Glastonbury performance.

The source went on to reveal that the Stones' North American dates would all be arena shows, with stops being booked in Vancouver, Philadelphia, and, "possibly, a return to New York."

Mick Jagger plans out all the band's stage logistics with drummer Charlie Watts. He told us that the type of venue has always dictated how many bells and whistles get added to the show: "It depends where you're touring. So, in the early-'60s, we were playing in theaters, y'know, people don't do a tremendous amount of all that stuff. I mean, it was going on in the '60s, that's where it all started, I mean, there was a lot of that. But y'know, we'd go and play a theater show there's very little. . . so I think in the Circus Krone show (in Munich) I shouldn't think there'd be very much pyrotechnics. But, if you're playing in the big stadium, you've got to do something visual. I don't think you could just go on, y'know."

Although Charlie Watts has been in the public eye for most of his life, unlike some of his bandmates, he hasn't been enticed by the trappings of fame: "Obviously, it's very flattering, it's like saying, 'the greatest rocker' -- whatever you're called -- it's better than being called the worst, isn't it? I mean, I appreciate the difference in words there. It's nicer to be called the greatest than the worst, but, y'know, I do get embarrassed. But I'm like that, y'know?"

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