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Is Van Halen touring Europe or not? On Monday (March 11th), David Lee Roth announced during a radio interview: "We're going to be playing Europe -- probably 50, 60 shows outside of the States, starting at the end of this year, and then come back around through the U.S." Legendary music mogul Irving Azoff, who manages Eddie and Alex Van Halen, spoke to Billboard, and essentially called Roth a liar, explaining, "All the announced dates, which include the date in Australia, the dates in Japan and a date in Wisconsin, are confirmed and on sale and those are real. I manage the Van Halens, and I know nothing about any European tour."

A while back, drummer Alex Van Halen joked with us about a certain affliction nearly every rock band finds itself dealing with: "The joke has become the 'L.S.D.' thing, 'Lead Singer Disease,' and it's not an entirely off-base comment. Not all lead singers, but most of them, they're on a different planet. Part of what makes a band. . . it's like a team! You may have a star player or two, but it's still a team! Without the team, y'know, you're really dead in the water."

Van Halen will close out the annual Rock USA Festival, scheduled for July 17th through the 20th in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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