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Clarence Clemons' brother -- William Clemons -- and the father of Bruce Springsteen's current sax player, Jake Clemons -- has filed suit against his late brother's medical team. Roger Friedman's reported that the suit against the Palm Beach Cancer Center and three physicians has been approved to go forward in a jury trial. William Clemons alleges that "the medical team involved may have made a mistake by advising that Clarence off of blood thinners when he had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. By doing so, and not giving him intermediary blood thinners, they could have caused his stroke."

After Clarence's 2011 death, his widow Victoria Clemons, told Rolling Stone: "Shortly before the stroke, Clarence lost sensation in his index finger and his thumb. He had carpal tunnel surgery performed. He was seriously concerned about the ability to play sax again." posted that the defendants in the suit are three specialists connected to the Palm Beach Cancer Center -- Drs. Robert J. Jacobson, David W. Dodson, and Keith Meyer. The doctors are accused of not administering Lovenox, a short term blood thinner, before or after Clarence's hand surgery.

We recently caught up with Nils Lofgren and he spoke candidly on his personal loss in the "Big Man's" death: "Yeah, it was horrible, it came out of the blue. I was on the road in England. Clarence and I had a deeper friendship offstage than on. We spoke every week -- hell, when I had both hips replaced, my first, y'know, three-block hobble with my walker and my therapist, I walked up the road to Clarence's room, where he had his knee done at the same hospital. So it was a kind of hilarious meeting of the cripples. And we both got well and toured again. But, yeah, that was an awful loss."

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