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Paul McCartney says that his upcoming album is designed to be performed live. McCartney shed some light on the new material, telling The Telegraph, "It's songs I'll be able to play on stage with my band. They're sort of rocking, but there are a couple of ballads as well."

He spoke about the new track, "Cut Me Some Slack," which he recorded with the surviving members of Nirvana, and premiered at December's 12-12-12 concert at Madison Square Garden: "It's a bit different from the songs on my album. It just came about because I'd been given a really hot guitar. It was a rocking jam: really instant and organic."

McCartney admits that his past figures in quite heavily when working up new material: "Y'know, you reference most things you do either to, 'Would that work with the Beatles? Would this be a good Wings song? Would John (Lennon) like this?' Y'know, 'What would George play on this?' -- and stuff. I think you do that. I often think of John."

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