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Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit thanked his fans on his official website ( for their support with his battle with throat and neck cancer. Schmit, who underwent surgery in November, has been proclaimed cancer-free and posted a message to his fans for their well wishes.

Schmit posted in part: "I'm way past due in expressing my sincere gratitude for the outpouring of get well wishes I've received over the last few weeks. . . I very much appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers regarding my health. But, let me give you a brief update. Although my issues were disheartening, and I went through what the doctors called, 'major surgery,' the truth is I was only bedridden during my three night stay in the hospital. I was up and about right after, starting with daily walks on the streets of Manhattan. After another week I received a clean bill of health and headed for home on the West Coast."

He went on to add: "My voice is coming along nicely, and as many of you know, I was able to perform with the Eagles just before the new year. So. . . All is good. The brief synopsis is: I discovered a problem and took care of it; simple as that. So, not to worry. . . I love my work, and plan on doing it for as long as possible. I'm chipping away at a new solo album, and I wouldn't be surprised if you hear of more Eagles action in the near future."

Ironically, as co-founders Glenn Frey and Don Henley were becoming unhinged after the release on 1976's blockbuster Hotel California, bassist Timothy B. Schmit brought in a breath of fresh air upon his addition to the group following Randy Meisner's defection in late-1977: "A really great thing that happened when Glenn first called me and then it all unfolded when I said, 'Yes, I want to do this' was that they asked me to join before we played one note of Eagles music together. I was the one they wanted and it seemed like a really perfect fit to me. It just did -- I'm not blowin' my own horn. But it was obviously a great thing for me, but I really knew that I was the perfect guy to go there. I knew how to do what they wanted me to do."

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