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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards spoke frankly about the Rolling Stones' road plans for 2013, with the general vibe given by the pair being that more shows are on the way. Jagger talked about the prep behind the band's handful of high-profile and secret gigs late last year commemorating the Stones' 50th anniversary, telling Rolling Stone, "Everyone was trying to get the band really on. Keith concentrated on holding his parts together. . . and I wasn't letting the vocals take second place. We wanted to put the music out in a good way, not just be flash. . . Everybody talks about how they like the sloppiness of the Rolling Stones, but there's a difference between having swerve and being too sloppy."

As far as whether the band will be hitting the road for an extended road trek or playing some of the major festivals this year, Jagger said: "There have been quite a few offers. I'm going to see what's on the table and discuss it with everyone. We'll announce it when we've figured it out."

Keith Richards was less mysterious about the prospect of fans seeing the Stones on stage this year, saying, "Really, all you're going to have to do is wait for an announcement. (The 2012 shows) went like a dream, at the same speed, man. But we barely got off the starting blocks. It would be dopey to bring things up to this level and say, 'Well, that's that, 50 years, bye-bye.'"

Although the Stones have never been fans of commemorating anniversaries, they've softened over the years, putting out expanded retrospectives of both 1972's Exile On Main Street and 1978's Some Girls albums. Along those same lines, Mick Jagger felt that the band's 50th birthday was too important a milestone to ignore: "I though always that the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones was a good time to say, 'O.K., so you want to do something, does everyone want to do something, and what would that something be?' And I would suggest that we just limit ourselves and don't take on, like a 100-city tour, we just do something, y'know, a small bite of the biscuit and see how that goes."

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