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One of the reasons Peter Frampton was so intent on capturing his recent Frampton Comes Alive 35 tour on film is that whatever footage once existed from the original 1975 live shows is long gone. Out of all four venues the legendary 1976 live set was recorded at during Frampton's tour the previous year, only his June 14th, 1975 San Francisco show at the Winterland Ballroom was ever captured on video.

Frampton spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock and explained why he produced the new DVD and Blu-ray disc, FCA 35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton -- even though he'll probably never make much of a profit from it, saying, "It seems ridiculous really, that it costs so much to film a show and audio and yet you're doing it for your own love of your fans, because it's not going to sell. The sales of concert DVD's and Blu-rays is way down, but I just felt that I'd been asked so many times, 'where's the footage of Frampton Comes Alive?' And I said, 'there isn't any.' We had one static camera at Winterland. (Concert promoter) Bill Graham used to film U-Matic black and white (video) I think it was, of every show. But I believe that that show was one of the ones that went up in smoke when (Bill Graham Productions) burned down."

He went on to add: "So it doesn't exist and even if it did, it would be such terrible quality it wouldn't be worth putting it out. So I just felt that this was the time to do (it). No, I don't look the same and no, we don't play exactly the same, but it's time that there was a visual record of me playing those numbers. So that was the reason for doing it."

Peter Frampton told us that it was the success of his 2006 Grammy Award-wining instrumental album, Fingerprints, that allowed him to so fully embrace his larger-than-life '70s career: "Fingerprints is a huge musical milestone for me and helped me accept my career before, for what it's worth, for what I did. Because it was the first iota -- well, more than that -- it was the first independent success that I had had, that had nothing to do with Comes Alive, whatsoever. It's me, the musician, playing an instrumental record, and I get critical acclaim for it."

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