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Bowing to Internet rumors about Van Halen being the half time show for 2013's Super Bowl XLVII (47) in New Orleans, David Lee Roth has taken the bull by the horns and put the NFL on notice -- Van Halen is ready and willing to play.

Roth posted an "open letter" on the Van Halen News Desk ( pleading his case for Van Halen to take to the Super Bowl stage:

VAN HALEN: An Open Letter

I'm compelled to address the now-rampant rumors that Van Halen is playing the Superbowl. First of all let me say this -- be still my pigskin heart. That honor has not been bestowed upon us at this time though it is one we would accept in a NY minute.

Having heard VH blaring through stadium speakers on any given Sunday - more like every given Sunday, the idea of playing there live would be like - 'okay, now we're in the game.'

Van Halen's collective memories are -- and with all due respect to each and every one of these memories, teeming with been-theres and done-that's, but none include playing at the Superbowl. Playing at the Superbowl is a veritable holy grail of musical recognition, a highly prized rite of passage for (game-changing) artists. Not a spiritual rite with snake pits or Hebrew school or anything, but it's up there.

We are not on Commissioner Goodell's dance card at this time, but we would be most honored to dance the halftime away in New Orleans.

It's an honor to be considered and for that we would like to thank the rumormongers all over the World Wide Web.

- D-Ro

David Lee Roth joked about how important Van Halen was rock fans worldwide: "I myself am certainly more aware of it than ever, of how valuable this band is to me and my history, how valuable it is to the neighborhood, to the communities that this music appeals to. And it's a lot of communities! (speaking Spanish) When you can do it in Spanish, you can also... yeah!"

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