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Paul McCartney will both kick-off and close the London Olympic games opening ceremony on July 27th, according to The Daily Mail. According to insiders, McCartney, who'll perform the Beatles' 1968 anthem "Hey Jude" as the show closer, first tipped off "Macca" watchers to the song's inclusion when he refused to include it last month in his setlist at the Queen's Jubilee. McCartney is set to open the festivities at 4:00 p.m. ET and close things out at 7:00 p.m. ET. An estimated one billion people are expected to tune in to the Olympics' opening ceremony.

McCartney admits that playing Beatles songs these days is a great way to revisit his time with John Lennon and George Harrison: "Y'know, the live experience is a mad one, because the same time that you're singing and remembering words and remembering chords -- you're off on one! And you're thinking 'Oh, Abbey Road, and I remember John coming up with. . . and what about when George said that?' And you go, 'Come back! Come back! Earth to Paul -- you're onstage! Don't go too far!' (Laughs) Y'know? But it is, it's great, you do look at the songs as if it's someone else."

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