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Paul McCartney releases 'Queenie Eye' single to radio


Paul McCartney has just released "Queenie Eye," the second song from his New album to radio. McCartney's label Concord/Hear Music sent out both the uncut album version and a new radio edit. The song, which has a very European pop sound, is one of two tracks on the new album produced by Paul Epworth, who's best known for his albums with Adele, Florence And The Machine, and Cee Lo Green. New will be released on October 15th.

McCartney explained to us where the phrase "Queenie Eye" comes from: "'Queenie Eye' is based on a game we used to play when (we were) kids. You gotta remember, that was a long time ago and basically in a kind of poor area where I was from, what you did to entertain yourself was go out in the street and play street games. One of the games was called 'Queenie Eye.' What used to happen is, one person would turn away from us and throw a ball over his head -- which one of us would catch. And then we'd say, 'Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye, who's got the ball? I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket, O-U-T spells 'out!'' And when we said 'out,' he could turn around -- he or she could turn around -- and look at us and try to work out which of us had caught the ball -- which, of course, we all pretended to have behind our backs."

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