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The Rolling Stones gearing up for Glastonbury


With the Rolling Stones having wrapped their final North American dates of the year, on Monday night (June 24th) in Washington, D.C., all eyes are now on the band's massive UK festival gigs. The New York Daily News reported that during the tour-closing gig, Mick Jagger had fun with the D.C. crowd, taking a swipe at President Obama and the government's "recently disclosed surveillance programs," joking, "I don't think President Obama is here tonight. But I'm sure he's listening in."

On Saturday (June 29th), the Stones will play their first UK gig of the year and make their debut at Britain's legendary Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm. Following that, the band will return to London's Hyde Park on July 6th for the first time since July 5th, 1969 to play the first of two shows -- the second being set for July 13th -- which, as of now, marks the end of the band's 50 & Counting Tour dates.

Mick Jagger told us that performing is like any other profession with good days and bad: "Sometimes you don't feel very motivated, I'm sure that applies to everyone. You go out and as far as we're concerned, you get to some places, you're in the middle of the winter, you got a cold, you feel like crap. But when you get out there something happens because you look at the audience and they're, like, wild and you know they've been looking forward to it, and it gives you that sort of extra bit of inspiration. But most of the time it's there anyway."

Although Keith Richards is aware of the impact the Stones have had on rock over the past half-century, he's kept himself grounded by focusing on the music -- rather than the trappings of fame: "I've just done what I do. To me it's not extraordinary, y'see? Except if I step outside and sort of see it from this perspective. To me, its just in a day's work (laughs)." )

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