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Pink Floyd members slam streaming service Pandora


Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason have joined a growing list of music biz veterans, by issuing a joint statement slamming the music streaming service, Pandora. Vintage Vinyl News reported that the band accused the company or attempting to trick well-known artists into endorsing the service, which pays bands a fraction of what they would earn through other means -- including terrestrial radio.

Pink Floyd's statement reads in full: "Musicians around the country are getting emails from Pandora -- even directly from the company's charismatic founder Tim Westergren -- asking them to 'be part of a conversation' about the music business and sign a simple 'letter of support' for Internet radio. Sounds good. Who wouldn't want to be 'part of a conversation'? Who doesn't support Internet radio? What scrooge would refuse to sign such a positive, pro-music statement?"

"Of course, this letter doesn't say anything about an 85 percent artist pay cut. That would probably turn off most musicians who might consider signing on. All it says about royalties is 'We are all fervent advocates for the fair treatment of artists.' And the only hint of Pandora's real agenda is the innocent sounding line 'We are also fervent supporters of Internet radio and want more than anything for it to grow.' The petition doesn't mention that Pandora is pushing the growth of its business directly at the expense of artists' paychecks."

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