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U2 will almost certainly release new music in 2013, with drummer Larry Mullen Jr. telling Irish broadcaster RTE that "something" should be out by September. According to Spin, Mullen revealed to RTE, "I'd say we will be finished by the summer -- and hopefully we will have something released by September. Hopefully what we will be able to do is release September this year and shortly afterwards, release again. That's what we want to do."

The quartet has been allegedly preparing a follow-up to 2009's No Line On The Horizon almost since that album's release, with frontman Bono at one point announcing that a "companion" disc called Songs Of Ascent and even a single called "Every Breaking Wave" would be out sometime in 2010.

That record never surfaced, but it was also reported in 2010 that U2 had three albums' worth of music in the can, including traditional rock tunes, dance tracks and the more "meditative" Songs Of Ascent material.

Recording sessions with producers Danger Mouse and Rick Rubin also supposedly took place, although the fate of that material remains unknown.

Bono did go on an Irish late night show last June and revealed that work was progressing on the band's 13th studio album, saying, "We've had the best three weeks in the studio since 1979. I think (we) are very aware that U2 have to do something very special to have a reason to exist right now."

Speaking of reasons to exist, the U.K. tabloid The Sun claimed last week that Bono had said the new album was tentatively titled 10 Reasons To Exist. But since the report was in The Sun, it should be taken lightly until proven otherwise.

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