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Peter Frampton is once again teaming up with his son Julian for some new material. The father and son first turned heads on the track "Road To The Sun," which appeared on Frampton's 2010 set, Thank You Mr. Churchill. Frampton, who just released his new DVD and Blu-ray disc, FCA 35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton, and it's companion triple CD set, Best Of FCA! 35 Tour, posted on Facebook: "At Christmas my son Julian and I are going up to my studio which is still presently in Cincinnati. I will be moving it down to Nashville when I find the right room to set up shop here. Julian and I are going to write and record together again. I'm really looking forward to doing this. It's hard to find the words to describe the feeling of making music with one of my children. He's a great writer, singer, musician and keeps me on my toes. I can't wait. Rock & Roll!"

Shortly after the Peter and Julian recorded their first collaboration, "Road To The Sun," Peter told us that genealogy aside -- he's pretty impressed with Julian's talents: "The song that Julian sings 'Road To The Sun' -- he definitely has a killer voice and he's a wonderful writer, he's very prolific, and he's a great guitar player and drummer. So, I mean, he's got it all and his lyrics are phenomenal. That's all he wants to do. He's at college right now and working, but he'll be out on the road a couple of dates here and there on the tour with us doing a couple of numbers -- that one included, obviously."

Julian explained that "Road To The Sun" was a true collaborative, family effort: "Basically we came together and just decided to write a few songs just for fun, and it turned out that one of the ones that we wrote was 'Road To The Sun' -- and it really stuck out. And sittin' down and having him bring a riff to the table, and going through and actually co-writing the rest of the music as well as the lyrics, was a real treat just to sit down and be able to do that with my father."

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