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Two Beatles demos will be going under the hammer on December 12th through Entertainment Memorabilia, according to Beatles Examiner. The songs are acetates of John Lennon's 1963 demo for "What Goes On" -- which would eventually be finished by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for the band's 1965 Rubber Soul album. Initially though, the band was set to record it for their March 5th, 1963 session, which spawned "From Me To You," its B-side, "Thank You Girl" and the long-unreleased original version of "The One After 909," but due to a tight schedule, never committed it to tape.

Also being sold is an early version of George Harrison's Indian-tinged Revolver favorite, "Love You To." The acetate up for sale dates from May 2nd, 1966 and appears under its original title, "Granny Smith."

October 5th marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' debut single, "Love Me Do." Paul McCartney admits, that for him, the ascent to fame was the most fun time to be a Beatle: "The earliest days of the Beatles were very exciting. On the one hand, you're just in the little town you'd grown up in -- with your friends and your relatives that you know. And you're doing work in that town, like we were -- we were playing lunchtime sessions at the Cavern. And then suddenly for us it was like, you're starting to play theaters and ballrooms and they're abroad, and you're branching out a lot, you're doing a lot of traveling. I mean, those were very tiring days -- crazy days, really, but there was a lot of fun in those days."

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