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A long-in-development musical collaboration between John Mellencamp and best-selling author Stephen King will be released as an album on March 13th, 2013, according to a press release. The project, titled Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County, is a musical that the pair have been working on for over a decade. The album, produced by T-Bone Burnett, will feature contributions from Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson, actors Matthew McConaughey and Meg Ryan, and others.

Ghost Brothers was first conceived when Mellencamp told King about a cabin on the singer's property in Indiana. King recalled to Rolling Stone, "He . . . told me about this ghost story about a cabin he owned. I loved the idea they were brothers, and then years later history repeats itself. Something in that resonated with me deeply."

According to legend, two brothers fought over a woman in the cabin, with one brother killing the other. The survivor and the woman were both killed in a car crash a short time later.

In the musical, two sets of brothers -- one dead, one alive -- tell a similar story. The singers on the album all play different characters in the narrative.

A version of the stage production was mounted in Atlanta earlier this year, but King hopes to see it produced on Broadway or even as a movie.

A deluxe edition of the album will include a making-of DVD featuring interviews with King, Mellencamp and Burnett.

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