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Charlie Watts says fellow Rolling Stones co-founders, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are unchanged half a century after forming in London. Watts, who just released his solo album, Live In Paris, with his latest side band, the A, B, C & D Of Boogie Woogie, spoke candidly to The Daily Record about "The Glimmer Twins" revealing, "Mick and Keith were the same at the start as they are now. Except poorer and living in one house together instead of five each. They are exactly the same and I'm in the middle, aren't I -- ­physically on stage -- and off it. We have been together so long and so many things have happened. I just spent a week with them and they were exactly like Mick and Keith.

He went on to hint that Keith Richards -- who simply moved to booze after getting clean of heroin in 1978 -- is on the wagon: "Keith's packed up drinking or something and he is in great shape. And he should do really. The thing is with all that, you get to a certain age and you can't carry it any more. It happened to Ronnie (Wood). He was great up until a certain point. Then you're not the fun you were. You become a slob in Soho crawling from pub to pub."

Watts admitted that he knew from the onset that what the Stones were achieving onstage was different than the usual bar band fare in London: "I knew there was something special very early on. Most bands start very enthusiastically and gradually audiences drop off. This lot was totally different. We were never unpopular, the band's audience grew and grew. That is the phenomenon, really. I had the first inkling it was a bit special when we played Richmond Athletic Club. It was the first time we had a really hysterical audience. They weren't screaming at us, at what we were playing, it was the dancing really. That was when Mick took off. The stage was about as big as this table."

Charlie Watts told us that as far as musicianship goes, drummers fit into a strange category: "I mean, the very nature of playing drums is a nervous twitch, really. It's a cross between being an athlete and a totally nervous wreck, really."

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