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WEEKDAYS 6:00am-10:00am

I LOVE playing rockin' songs on KHITS in the morning 'cause when I'm crankin' up the studio speakers (...and they are SA-weet!)...I visualize you rollin' down the highway 'equally cranked'! I've been up and down the dial in St. Louis since the mid 80's doing news anchor and talk show host gigs on the AM band. On FM I've been "Rockin' Ricky" (still am!), part of Chase and Sanborn , one of the brothers of The Sanborn Brothers,and the music stations ran the gamut, rock, country, oldies, soft rock, smooth jazz...and here at "The Rock Wall of Emmis" where I'm havin' a blast! This place rocks!

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WEEKDAYS 6:00am-1:00pm

Todd Morgan was raised on radio and is now in his 14th year with Emmis Communications! His father, Ron Morgan, enjoyed a long career in radio and spent his best days as "Morgan in the Morning" at KS-94 during the 80's. Following in those footsteps, Todd joins Rick Sanborn for "Music in the Mornings" on KHITS 96. Todd has a passion for radio and music of all kinds. In addition to radio, Todd is an avid hockey fan, photographer, and drummer. He has played drums for 32 years and still plays every chance he gets. His passion for photography has earned him credentials as house photographer of the Peabody Opera House. He is also Emmis Radio's concert photographer.

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WEEKDAYS 1:00pm-6:00pm

Drew Johnson launched his rock radio career at KSHE in 1983, and has been keeping listeners company ever since. Drew brought his legendary smooth, natural on-air style to K-HITS 96 in 2000, where he now shares his passion for music with afternoon drivers. Many don't know this, but Drew actually studied theater in college and had wanted to be a stage actor. But, as he says, "I was sidetracked by rock 'n roll." And St. Louis appreciates his decision to pursue that passion. Drew knows how to present the classic hits of yesterday in a manner that makes them just as alive and relevant today. His ability to connect and relate to his listeners makes Drew an irreplaceable piece of the KHITS lineup.

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