Another "Taste" of Weird Al (kept fresh 'cause it's wrapped in FOIL ! )

Posted 7/18/2014 6:42:00 AM

His Weirdness is delivering on his promise of releasing a new video everyday for 8 consecutive days to draw attention to his latest album "Mandatory Fun" which came out this week (July 15th). You can find his parody of "Happy", called "Tacky", on this page. Today I'm putting up his skewering of Lorde's "Royals" called "Foil" (that's Patton Oswald acting as the director in this video). Billboard predicts "Mandatory Fun" will sell up to 75,000 copies in it's first week out, and could become Weird Al's first number one album.

Nebraska Teen Snaps Best Selfie Ever!!! (It involves Paul McCartney)

Posted 7/15/2014 10:24:00 AM

This is a classic Selfie if ther ever was one.  A young man in Nebraska saw Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett just hanging on park bench on the streets of Omaha.  See the photo here, it's awesome!!!

Warning: You Won't Get This Out Of Your Head (but that's a 'good thing'!)

Posted 7/15/2014 5:59:00 AM

Weird Al's parody of "Happy" is called "Tacky". The video features Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family, Jack Black and other cameos. "Tacky" is about the tacky things people do, like wearing black socks and sandals. "Tacky" is on Weird Al's newest album "Mandatory Fun" which comes out today. Weird Al is releasing a new video from the album every day for the next 8 days!


RIO2 Summer Party Comes To St. Louis Saturday July 12

Posted 7/11/2014 5:59:00 AM

Here's a family event for the weekend. Before RIO@ is released on Blu-ray/DVD next week, a cross country tour to promote it comes to the St. Louis Galleria tomorrow. Promotoers promise a complete interactive experience for your kids, they can shake a tail feather, watch live soccer from Rio, make carnival masks and more activities. St. Louis is one of only 8 U. S. cities chosen for this pronmotional tour. A dance and sing-a-long photo booth is also included so you can document the family fun in a colorful Rio=style fashion. Here's all the details

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