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Alana Doran

Personal Mission Statement

In the crowded marketplace of mass media, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned partner who will strategize, coordinate, and implement your marketing efforts. My foundation is built on innovative campaign strategies; meticulous attention to client needs; and dedication to superior trackable results that increase my client’s return on investment.

Sales Experience Detail
Nearly a decade in the media business conceptualizing, building and executing successful campaigns across multiple platforms. I have experience building campaigns that include newspaper, magazine, direct mail, web, search, behaviorally and geographically targeted technologies, remarketing, on-site and sponsorship type elements.

Formal Education
University of Missouri-Columbia BA in Journalism, Marketing & Communications

Professional Training Received
Advanced Arbitron Training
Roy Williams: Wizard of Ads Seminar
Center for Sales Strategy 3R Selling Pro

Successes and Accomplishments
Success for me is when a program that I have developed helps grow my client’s business.

Commitment to Clients
Always challenging the status quo, I regularly generate new ideas, suggest improvements to processes and develop innovative approaches to solving business problems.

Hobbies include backcountry hiking/camping, fly-fishing, snow skiing, exploratory travel, culinary arts and yoga.

Personally… I dedicate a large amount of my time to making sure my family and I eat local, healthy and nutritional foods and live an extremely active lifestyle that allows us to experience as much as possible. I try and recycle and reuse products to conserve energy and resources whenever I can.

Professionally… I am extremely interested in determining why consumers go about making the buying decisions they make and how to influence that process for the benefit of my clients.

Community Involvement
As an avid animal lover have been known to spend time at dog rescues and local humane society chapters to help exercise and cheer up the pups.

Contact Information:
Office Phone: 314.613.7844
Linkedin: Alana Doran


Sales Manager:

Steve Williams: 314-613-7875



Client references available upon request.